MDExchange ADAccess Fails to start: Information Store – Service

Process MSExchangeFrontendTransport.exe (PID=6968). WCF request (Get Servers for ADDOMAIN NAME) to the Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service on server (TopologyClientTcpEndpoint (localhost)) failed. Make sure that the service is running. In addition, make sure that the network ports that are used by Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service are not blocked by a firewall. The […]

Probability: Common Mistakes

Belief and chances, when coupled together they can become a risky combination. The fallacy that one might gage an event, includes high risk and usually followed by taking the potential outcomes and use that as the numerator and the demoter would be 100, fallacy has no statical or factual backing, its’ only ones perception of […]

The Sugar Study

Cereal Name Sugar / serving (g) Serving Size (g) Location Packaging Sugar Content/Serving Size Frosted Flakes 8.37 g 31 g 2nd Shelf – Publix Kids 0.27 Apple Jacks 14.7 g 30 g 2nd Shelf – Publix Kids 0.49 Froot Loops 12 g 29 g 2nd Shelf – Publix Kids 0.41 Quisp 11.7 g 27 g […]

What is Statistics?

What statistics do you come across in your daily life? Through our daily lives we come across a plethora of statistical information, we even think about statistics by nature. When dealing in social situations and meeting new people, we may find ourselves looking around to see who is friend and who doesn’t appear so to […]

Class Discussion

History of Open Source (The free software movement) Questions: Who here uses free (open source) software by a show of hands? What are the names of some of these softwares? Brief:  Open Source software is less commonly known as the free software movement. Open Source began in 1983. In 1994 X Windows System also (known […]

Appeal To Action: Teenagers should refrain from using texting shorthand.

Abstract – Proven through psychology, when we conform to a new way of composing/orchestrating anything; especially sentence structure in English we can training our brain, and committing the process to short and long term memories. This persuasive paper will use businesses as examples to depict a picture to the reader of  why teenagers should refrain […]

Discussion Post for class – Music piracy is an issue

The main question could not be presented due to copyright infringement and respect for the privacy of the student. My response however is below. Music piracy, is a debated topic in the House of Representatives. Several bills have been passed to monitor both business and residential Internet connections. The bill that was’s in place, what […]

Exploring Terminology Worksheet

Word/Term: Virtualization Class in which term/concept is covered: Virtualization Technologies In what month of your program does this class occur? Month 10 The following questions must be answered in complete sentences.  Define the word/term in your own words: Virtualization, is most times used in production compute environments.  Virtualization is an Operating System being run onto […]

Influential Companies and Leaders

When you ask who really contributed the most to the computer industry?   When asked that question; you the first name that may come to mind for those who grew up on Microsoft’s Windows, you’ll think of Microsoft’s Bill Gates first. Next you’ll remember who really made the difference for all of us.  You’ll think […]

Digital Educate

Digital Access (9) – Creating digital audio for blind students or captioned videos for those who are hearing impaired. Digital Commerce (4) – Purchasing name-brand products on sites such as Digital Communication (1) – Collaborating with peers using websites/web tools such as Google Docs Suite and/or Diigo. Digital Literacy (8) – Sharing personal information […]